About The Hosts

Stephanie Bendixsen

Stephanie has always been heavily immersed in all aspects of geek culture. She enjoys science fiction, fantasy, tech, food, hiking, collecting swords and figurines and travelling as often as possible. She is also a dedicated servant to her two feline overlords, Gandalf and Merlin.

Bendixsen developed a true passion for video games in her teens after discovering an entirely text-based ‘multi-user dungeon’ – where she could live out her long-fantasised dream of being an elf-warrior in an online Dungeons and Dragons-esque role-playing experience. Let’s just say ‘real-world friendships’ were not her forte.

Be it wielding gun, bow or mushroom – Stephanie delights in all game genres… though specifically the fantasy RPG The Witcher 3 (aka the best game ever) and the ever-expanding and complex world of gaming culture.

Nich Richardson

Nich first discovered his love for gaming when his parents bought him a Sega Mega Drive, when every other kid he knew had a Nintendo console. But, as his Dad insisted, it’s the thought that counts. This led to a lifetime of consuming every game he could, so he would never feel left out again. His favourite games are Hearthstone, Dota 2 and anything with a great story.

Nich got his start in television by starting a show on the internet. The Roast, an online satirical news show he created for Fairfax was bought by the ABC in 2012 and ran for three years on ABC2, where Nich served as showrunner, head writer and performer. After The Roast ended Nich joined Good Game as host of their digital show Pocket, where he remained until the show’s end.

Nich has just had his first child, mere weeks before the launch of his new show screenPLAY. He is somewhat confident he will be able to juggle both responsibilities.


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